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Balkan Ninnisi Episode 2 English Subtitles

KayiFamilyTVJune 29, 2022

Balkan Ninnisi Episode 2 with English Subtitles; We will soon update news about when you can expect to watch and where you should watch online with English subtitles on your devices.. Here below is the button ____

Episode 2 Summary

Disappointed while waiting for Ertan as an architect, Süleyman and Neriman begin to fear that a wound from the past is still not fully healed, due to the argument they had with Elena and Daniel at the hospital. This is not the first meeting of the two families…

Süleyman and Neriman must put Ertan on the right path, they do not want to lose him like his brother Zafer. Ertan, on the other hand, realizes the damage he has done to his family while walking on his own path and starts working at the meatball shop by following the words of his mother and uncle. Everything is going its way. 

Until Ertan’s adventure at the meatball shop leads to Jovanka… Elena, who is on the verge of bankruptcy, does her best to protect her family and continues her struggle alone. But his invisible opponent does not fight fair at all, He is not reluctant to go through forbidden ways to get what he wants. The danger is much greater than one might think, with Jovanka on target. Irreversible things have happened, and a fate that cannot be easily resolved is knotted in the mansion of the Turkish family.

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