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Destan Season 1 Episode 25 with English Subtitles

KayiFamilyTVMay 25, 2022

Destan Episode 25 with English Subtitles; We will upload within 2 hours after air on Turkish tv please stay with us thank you…

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Destan Last Episode Story

The millennial reckoning begins again

Batuga, who started to move his hands at the end of Kam Arçuray’s treatments, then opened his eyes and woke up to a new beginning. How will Batuga’s new life differ from the old one? As if reborn, Batuga swears that he will fight the Itbaraks to save the Gök Khanate, but Akkız will be his companion on this path. Who will be the winner of the war between the Gök Khanate and the Itbaraks, who faced each other in a great war for the first time after the Oghuz Khan period? Which surprise name will determine the end of the war? Will the Double-Headed Wolf and his Claw be able to survive this life-or-death battle?

she-wolf in cage

Akkız, Yaman and Sırma, who took great risks to find the crown of Barak Khan, the ancestor of the Itbaraks, to save Batuga and the Gök Khanate; they were locked in the room by the injured Gökben. Who will be the surprise name that saves Akkız and her friends from this pressure?

Batuga confesses his love to Akkız

Batuga and Akkız, who have had feelings for each other since their childhood, have come this close to being happy together for the first time after all the troubles they have been through. What danger awaits the Double-Headed Wolf and his Claw, who are intoxicated with Batuga’s confession of his love?

Kaya and Obar, who created a game within the game

Obar did not kill Alpagu by not keeping his promise to Kaya, but kept it as a trump card. Learning this, Kaya went to Obar’s tent to settle accounts with Obar. How will this showdown, witnessed by Alpagu in the next room, end? Who will be the winner of this game within the game?

A Great Ece on the brink of death

When the great Ece Vera learned from Yibek that Günseli was not pregnant, she gave him a dagger to kill herself. Will Günseli, who is helpless with the dagger in her hand, prefer the dagger or Kaya’s wrath after learning the truth? How will Kaya and Günseli’s relations be affected by this situation at the end of this whole process?

An inn caught between captivity and betrayal

What will Alpagu do when he hears that Obar and Kaya made a deal while he was in captivity, in the face of his son’s betrayal? Against which situation will Alpagu Khan make his first move? Captivity or betrayal?