Ariza TV Show _ Episodes List

Here we have set the schedule of each episode of Ariza TV Show

Ali Riza is a taxi driver and doing preparation for marrying his sister Nihan to his dear friend. On the other hand, Halide Gurkan attends the magnificent invitation given by Fuat Ersoylu on the occasion of his father's birthday. During the invitation, Fuat's son Burak proposes to Halide, but Halide refuses. At the end of the discussion with Burak, Halide leaves the invitation and gets into a taxi which happens to be Ali Riza's. But when Burak, who Halide, forces to get her out of the taxi, Ali Riza intervenes and a fight breaks out. Burak takes the first shameful slap of his life from Ali Riza. Burak does not forget about this so later he then raids Ali Riza's sisters wedding. But things get out of control. Burak happens to shoot and kill Ali Riza's sister. So the story continues as Ali Riza looking for revenge by him, himself becoming the mafia.