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Bir Umut Yeter: Trailer And Summary

Yilmaz, who is retired from military service, will soon realize that he was wrong when he chose the lighthouse on an unemployed island of Köycegiz as his shelter, but he thinks he has started a new and lonely life. Yilmaz, who does not have much expectation from life, is so impressed by the joy of life of Elif, whom he met in Köycegiz, that in a short time, with the isra of Elif, the two young people decide to marry. 

Over time, even though the miscarriages Elif gave up on her marriages shaken their marriage, their lives will be turned upside down when a newly born baby enters in a miraculous way at an unexpected time. While Elif sees the baby as a gift sent by God, Yilmaz knows that it is wrong. With the press of Elif’s baby as bagrina son, the guilty conscience that will last for years has started.

Bir Umut Yeter with English Subtitles

Season 1 Episodes List

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