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Haci Bayram i Veli: English Subtitles: 1x13

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The Hacı Bayram Veli series is one of the most special series on our platform. Accordingly the translation and translator are also very special. We don’t provide a specific time for the showing because the translation need extra focus. 2 lines of poetry can take up to 2-3 hours for the correct translation and appropriate research. As you will have noticed Melisa does not just translate but she also conducts research for the sources. Her work is highly valuable, however we need your support to keep this amazing series with the excellent translation.

So many people copy and poach our work and give the impression that it’s their own, some go further and collect donations. Now we are asking for your continued support for the dedicated human being who works day & night with a huge passion and effort. There are in total 26 episodes. Without your continued donations we will face delays and possible ending of such a series being translated.
Haci Bayram-i Veli: New Episodes English Subtitles

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