Hayat Sarkisi TV Show _ Episodes List

Here we have set the schedule of each episode of Hayat Sarkisi TV Show

Melek and Kerim are betrothed at a young age by their fathers. Time passes and Kerim’s family gets rich. Meanwhile Melek’s family continues to struggle in life. Hülya, Melek’s sister, is determined to run away from her poor life. She will do what it takes to get herself accepted into Kerim’s family.

Bayram’s little son Kerim is about to get graduated from his university in Germany. He goes to Istanbul for the Sacrifice Feast. He finds out that his father is determined to marry him to Salih’s elder sister Melek because of a promise his father kept to his childhood friend Salih. When Kerim goes to his father’s village by force, he feels relieved to know that Melek also doesn’t want to get married. Melek’s younger sister Hülya has been in love with Kerim from the first moment she saw him and she will do anything in her power to let her love known.