Kuzgun, whose family changed in his life as a result of a caliper established in his father’s police business, will fall into a bondage, pain, anger and struggle that will take away twenty years from his home.
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Kuzgun TV Series Plot

Kuzgun titlte in English is "The Raven" Two senior police and old friends Yusuf and Rifat receive a substantial amount of bribery offered during an operation. While Yusuf rejects this offer harshly, Rifat disagreeing with him, but does not speak it. After the operation, Yusuf is arrested and banned from the profession by an established caliper. The one who ambushed him is Rifat, who he calls "a man of life". By entering Yusuf's prison, his wife, Meryem and three children, are confronted with the most painful and tragic test of their lives. Kuzgun will pay the biggest price of this test. 

Kuzgun will fall into a twenty-year-old Shawshank away from his family and home. The secret disappearance of Kuzgun affects Dila deeply. Dila, who lost her childhood love, continues her life with a wound that will never heal in her heart. Returning from London, where she went to study together with the past twenty years, Dila is unaware that he will face childhood love. A mission to Kuzgun who guards the Guard will bring him to the face of Dila. After this meeting extending from Nevsehir to Istanbul, Kuzgun will not only change the life of Dila, but to move the stones in everyone's lives.

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Levent Ülgen

as Rıfat

Emre Kentmenoglu

as Rıfat

Barış Arduç

as Kuzgun

Burcu Biricik

as Dila

Hatice Aslan

as Meryem

Ahsen Eroğlu

as Kumru

Onur Saylak

as Ferman

Caner Şahin

as Kartal