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Sahane Damat: Trailer And Summary

Melike, to convince the expatriate families could live with honor in Istanbul alone, some small (!) A tease saying lies. family in Germany, as of that moment Laura’s winner was a journalist, he had an excellent experience at home and the doctor believes that his fiancée married soon. In fact, if Malik could get close enough to Istanbul tried in a clumsy angry jungle border trying to live in hunger and dreams of journalism but the tabloids will write a review in the bush. Worst of all, his family is at the lies they put the ring including fashionable plastic surgeon Mehmet Ciragan not Melike is engaged with the boss! news of the capture of the success of Malik dreams of one day. Learning scandal will undermine the country! But the end of that scandal is woven in a very bad way, Mehmet. Of course, neither Malik nor Mehmet, lies and blackmail, the story begins, to attract them to clean all lies not know yet will carry a love.

Sahane Damat with English Subtitles

Season 1 Episodes List

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