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Do you want to know what it's about love is in the air turkish series with english subtitles before watching it online? .

Do you want to know what it's about love is in the air turkish series with english subtitles before watching it online?

This is the summary or synopsis of the Turkish serie Love is in the air (Knock on my Door) or Sen Cal Kapimi:

Our protagonist is Eda, an orphan who has struggled her entire history to achieve her dream: To become a landscape architect. Eda has managed to go to college thanks to scholarships and her own brilliant efforts, and she wants to finish her studies abroad.

However, not everything goes as she expects…. Eda's scholarship is canceled and she has no way to achieve her dream. She has no choice but to continue working in the flower store of her aunt Ayfer Yildiz, whom she has been helping since she was a child.

All this inconvenience has a name and a last name for her, Serkan Bolat. This businessman with a degree in architecture is responsible for destroying the scholarships and, in a way, for Eda's failure to achieve her dream.

Serkan Bolat is a man from a wealthy family who runs his own business and is considered an icy, insensitive and rather demanding person with himself and his workers. He is engaged to Selin, a beautiful girl whom his family has accepted.

Even after their wedding plans quickly fall through, he and Selin are torn apart by her monumental coldness. It doesn't take long, however, for them to find another partner and get engaged again.

Serkan goes to Eda's university to give a lecture because he is a great architect and became a famous businessman. Eda, knowing that, dictates to visit to meet him (the exclusive person who can do it).

In front of him, Eda does not hesitate to reproach him for withdrawing her scholarship and for not being able to finish her diploma as a landscape architect in Italy because of him. And she doesn't mind doing this in front of a room full of people.

At this moment, Serkan Bolat wants to fix his mistake and gives Eda an irresistible deal: she will pretend to be his girlfriend for 2 months, she will accompany him to the engagement of his ex-girlfriend Selin and Serkan will help her pay for her studies in return.

This consensus is sealed as soon as Eda kisses Serkan in front of the press and media. The news spreads like wildfire and now comes the most complex part: Making their closest friends and relatives believe they've found love in plain sight.

What starts with Serkan trying to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and Eda just wanting the money to finish her education and graduate as an architect turns into a beautiful love story.

Although this relationship starts off on the wrong foot and involves a lot of resentment from the beginning, over time, the two fall in love.

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We have already pointed out that the narrative of Eda and Serkan Bolat's love takes several turns during the tv show.

Initially, Eda hates Serkan and does not have the time to deal with a person with a personality different from her own.

As time goes by, Eda finds Serkan's soft side and begins to have feelings for him, but she moves away from him to avoid falling in love.

Serkan doesn't understand what is happening with Eda, but he can't live without her, even though he can't stand her sometimes, he has to have her around.

The plan they set up is threatened by Selin's new boyfriend, who finds the contract they both signed and shares it.

From that moment, when Serkan protects Eda from the press, the surrounding population begins to suspect that something fishy is going on between them.

Also, Selin's wedding is approaching and Eda is about to travel to Italy to continue her studies.

By then, however, Serkan is already so in love that he pursues him and prevents her from going to Italy to be with him.

With a relationship already together and an engagement ring, all that's left to do is wait until the love match is in the air.

Even if things don't work out as expected and love is in the air, marriage is no different….

Will this love story end well, will Serkan and Eda end up together and will the forced love turn into something more?

How many episodes and seasons does Love is in the air?

There are 39 episodes and 2 seasons. The duration of each chapter is 2 hours and 10 minutes in the original version.

The first season of love is on the air was broadcast in April 2020, as the protagonists of love is on the air have already recorded the second season.

Although there is a difference with the original version and the English chapters are only 45 minutes long and for this reason many others will be in some way.

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This is a contemporary turkish serie, a preview episode, since its airing in Turkey started in July 2020, it hardly does anything.

Since all the dubbed episodes in English have not been released yet, we will update the links on our page as the full chapters in English are uploaded.

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What kind of Turkish Serie is Sen Cal Kapimi (Love is in the air)?

It is a romantic comedy with many scenes of jealousy, revenge and a little drama.

Although it is a new or newly published Turkish series, its love story has already spread to more than 45 countries, including several English speakers.

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Love is in the Air Trailer in English

In the official trailer of the Turkish TV show Love is in the Air (Sen Cal Kapimi), the arrival of the surprising Young Serkan at the university is born, and everyone present realizes it.

Eda also works at the florist's and imagines her dream of becoming an architect.

In the trailer of Love is in the Air, we get to see various details such as: Eda and Serkan's first meeting, their first kiss, the plans of Serkan's house when it is finished that he is "engaged" to Eda overnight, his first united trips and his news in front of the press.

Serkan tells her in a moment, as the best way to convince her relatives of her courtship is to tell them it was love at first sight.

Little details that don't appear in the Sen Cal Kapimi trailer, but what I can say is a scene I love when Eda's friends help her put her things in Serkan's house so it looks like they live together.

And it's because her ex-girlfriend Selin and her boyfriend are attending the dinner.

This Turkish novel is one of the best that will be broadcast today in 2021.

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Characters from TV Show Love is in the Air

Eda Yildiz

A teenager who lost her Eltern once was quite a boy. She is a person who has overcome all the problems that life has put in his way and who, despite this, has remained optimistic, cheerful and hardworking.

Her big dream is to become a landscape architect, and she studies at University to do so. This time, Anhänger helps her aunt to work in her flower shop.

Serkan Bolat

A teenage businessman from a wealthy family. He is a serious person, reizbar, demanding, icy and hakte at work. It is a good idea to have a good idea of how to do it, and it is a good idea to have a good idea of how to do it.

His family does not understand his choice and expects him to return to Selin, even though Serkan will be jealous once his ex-girlfriend finds love with another man.

Since Eda, the chaotic girl who will change her story and her way of seeing things.

Selin Atakan

He has known Serkan since they were small, he and his dad are co-owners of an organization. She says that Serkan acts like a small family and decides to be a ferit, the heir to a hotel chair.

She's a successful plastic surgeon. And the individual who knows Serkan best.

Ayfer Yildiz

She is the funniest and friendliest individual on the show. She is the aunt of eda and her exclusive family. Both are like best friends, she is her niece's confidant and best friend.

She owns a flower shop, which once belonged to eda's mother.

Kaan Karadag

Is the commercial enemy of Serkan. He runs a construction company and is ready to arrive at his ends.

Ambitious, perverse and shady trade, it is the opposite of Serkan.

Sezgin Engin

He is Serkan's friend. A person entirely different from him, spontaneous, clumsy and in love, even if he has not yet found love.