Kasaba Doktoru Episode 12 with English Subtitles

KayiFamilyTVJune 26, 2022

Kasaba Doktoru Episode 12 with English Subtitles; We will publish more update within 2 hours after air on Turkish TV please stay with us thank you…

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Episode Summary

When the test results come, it turns out that the disease that caused the emergency room to be quarantined is not MERS. While the whole team is breathing a sigh of relief, another problem arises, Mr. Erol has advanced lung cancer. 

This situation puts Arzu, who has secretly collaborated with Yalçın from Hakan, in a difficult situation. 

Mr. Erol wants to have the surgery, but Hakan is torn between his ethical values ​​and the demand of his patient. Uluçınar has to make a difficult decision for his future. 

As Leyla learns the secrets about Mediha’s treatment, she begins to be overwhelmed by what she knows. While this situation causes him to be cold towards Ömer, Ayperi’s attack makes him jealous. Hakan disappears for a while before making his decision. Meanwhile, Ömer has to take all the responsibility. Will Hakan return?

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