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Seversin Episode 6 – English Subtitles

KayiFamilyTVJuly 8, 2022

Seversin Episode 6 with English Subtitles on KayiFamilyTV; We will update within 2 hours after air on Turkish TV please stay with us thank you… Go Watch Button Link is given below in to stream episode 6…

In the last episode of Seversin, which aired on Wednesday, July 6, Asya makes her final move in the marriage game!
Everyone is taken aback by Tolga’s unexpected marriage proposal. Asia is in disbelief. Tolga admits to Asya that he had to make this offer in order to conceal the name of the mystery person he met at the hotel and asks Asya to help. Asya has several requirements for Tolga to meet in order for the game to continue, and Tolga must accept these requirements unconditionally.

Both parties are concerned about the game’s quick progression to the marriage level, which they plan to complete as soon as possible. While Tolga tries to put his brilliant plan to finish the game into action.

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