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Kuruluş Osman: 1x3

Kayifamily TV is a website designed to assisting you in Turkish Islamic TV Series episodes with countdown timer. to find all next episode release date time and what will happen in the episode, and more, much more fun! Episode 03: The Fire of Establishment release date about you can learn even also you can check when is coming next episode date

Seeing Helen and Sofia running down the aisle, Kalanoz went after her, suspecting her murder partner, Sofia, of getting involved in other things. Osman captured Teokles and the front of Theebali was blocked by Akca Dervis, Pehlivan and Zulfikar Dervis. After the trio, Bala Hatun took Osman to Edebali. I wonder what Edebali will tell Osman. What kind of plan will Dundar and Batur plan to plan for Dundar, whose daughter was kidnapped, and Zohre, who saw Osman as responsible for these events? What’s the big surprise waiting for Kalanoz, who’s going after Sofia and Helen.

Kuruluş Osman: Season 1 Episode 3 English Subtitles Date
Dec. 04, 2019

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